IT Helpdesk

IT Helpdesk

SMEs often don’t have the need for a full-time IT staff member. We offer a customisable service to provide you with IT support in your office, by phone, by email or by online chat. Whether you want someone on call for emergencies, or a person actually in your office a few days a week, we can provide a service to support your business.

Help In Your Office

Do you want someone to come to your office to help you with IT problems?

Sometimes things can’t get sorted out remotely, and you need someone on-site to fix whatever has gone wrong.

Maybe it’s just once in a blue-moon, or maybe it’s twice a week, but having someone who can come to your office and sort out issues in person is an invaluable service to many SMEs.

To talk to us about getting someone to help you, please contact us.

Remote Helpdesk

Most IT issues can be resolved remotely by our staff. This allows us to resolve your issues quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption.

We provide our service by phone, email and online chat. In more serious cases where remote resolution is not possible, we can dispatch an engineer to your office or datacentre to resolve the problem.

To find out more about our Remote Helpdesk service, please contact us.

Emergency On-Call IT Support

It’s a well known fact of IT that sometimes things fail at inconvenient times – and often the more inconvenient the time, the bigger the failure.

We offer an Emergency On-Call IT Support service on retainer to cover you for those emergency situations. We’ll come to your office, your datacentre or your home and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

To get emergency coverage for your systems, please contact us.

Out-Of-Hours IT Support

Most businesses run during normal office hours of 9am to 6pm. Some don’t.

If you want helpdesk coverage outside of regular hours, we offer extended and out-of-hours options for our Remote Helpdesk service.

Extended hours cover from 7am to 8pm. Out-of-hours service can go all night if needed.

To get extended helpdesk cover, please contact us.