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Purchasing For Companies

From our experience in corporate Japan, jumping through hoops can be one of the most frustrating. Often accounting requires specific quotes, invoices and sometimes even payment methods before purchasing. Japanese System Integrators can sometimes take months to actually deliver what you wanted to arrive yesterday. Maybe the product you want is not sold in Japan?

What can we buy?

Given time, we can probably acquire nearly anything either new or second hand but as a rough guide:-

  • Parts and Accessories – You may have the skills to fix it yourself but without the parts, things becomes tricky.
  • Servers and Desktops – New, old or custom built.
  • Routers and Switches – Most major brands and also Japanese equivalents.
  • Printers – Tell us your priorities and we’ll find something for you.
  • UPS and Storage – Cover yourself when things go wrong.

Contact Us

Whatever limitations are forced on you, we can help! Contact us to get what you want with the minimum of hassle.