Is the team you are meant to be managing babbling a language you don’t understand? Maybe you are not sure if you are ready to commit to a fully blown professional qualification? If either of these scenarios relate to you then a familiariser course could be what you are looking for!

Familiarisers are the shortcut to grasping what is going on.

For Managers

Knowing roughly what the different roles of the people working with you do on the day to day gives you the confidence to delegate and empower the right individuals much earlier not to mention rendering reports and meetings less painful when everybody has the same grounding.

Managing a cross domain team? Not a problem, contact us about a customised Familiariser especially for you!

For Professionals

Just as major corporations vertically and horizontally integrate for the benefits they can reap, in the modern career world, the greater your reach, the more flexible and thus valuable you are to your employer. If you are curious about the different options available, why not take a Familiariser or two to test the waters before you make a jump in the wrong direction?

For Novices

Maybe you are looking to move into a brand new field or simply wonder what the guys down the corridor actually do as their job seems much more interesting than yours. Whatever your reasons why not find out the basics in a low risk, friendly environment and if you like it, pursue it further in a subsequent course?

Contact us

Our unique familiariser courses let you learn the basics of whichever field you are looking for at a fraction of the cost or studying overhead associated with a full course. Available as individual or group sessions, why not contact us and start learning something new today!

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to computer networks
  • Introduction to websites
  • Introduction to project management

Don’t see what you want? Why not ask us? If we like your idea, we’ll turn it into a course! Contact us and learn.