IT Security

IT Security

IT Security is commonly one of the last places to see a share of the company budget, but can result in the largest financial penalties for failing. Many industries require their practitioners to have good IT security for data protection and privacy reasons, but this is often poorly policed and rarely enforced. SMEs often don’t consider IT security at all, or do it once and then never update, despite an ever evolving security threat.

What Are These Threats?

IT Security is a wide field, and has to deal with threats from many directions simultaneously. Generally they are split into internal and external threats.

Internal Threats


These are typically threats from your employees and your IT processes. They include:

  • The non-tech savvy user who accidentally brought a virus to work on a USB stick
  • An employee planning to move companies and take your clients with them
  • The employee with their back to the window who keeps all their passwords on Post-it notes stuck to their monitor
  • The office cleaner who uses your wifi to visit unsafe sites
  • The user who decides that ‘password1234’ is a good password

External Threats


These are the threats you hear about in the news so often. They include:

  • The anonymous hacker somewhere on the internet
  • The cyber-criminal out to extort money from you
  • The bored students next door looking for a wifi network to “borrow” while they download random things from the internet
  • Thieves who break into your office and steal your PCs and servers

Our IT Security Services

On-going security reviews and testing ensures that your defences are as good as they can be.

Internal threats from bad policies and uneducated employees are countered by training your staff on best-practises, updating your security policies on a regular basis, and proactively ensuring that your computers have good anti-virus software.

Stopping other threats require setting up defences against intrusions and protecting against data theft or loss.

To counter these and similar threats, we offer various IT Security services, including:

  • Vulnerability Scanning/Penetration Testing – we pretend to be an anonymous hacker or internal spy, try to break in to your organisation and if we succeed, tell you how we did it and how to fix it.
  • Firewall Tuning – sometimes the simplest solution is just to minimise the amount of data going in and out.
  • Device Profiling – bring your own device is so common these days, it is almost unavoidable. Rather than let it go, lock it down and reduce the risks.
  • Server/System Monitoring – even well protected companies sometimes get breached. When the worst happens, at least be the first to notice suspicious activities and act accordingly.
  • Security Policy Check – sometimes humans are the weakest link, have us review anything and everything from server patches to password retention
  • Security Awareness Training – when it comes to IT Security, ignorance is anything but bliss. Have us educate your users on the whys and wherefores before it is too late.

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