Media Resources

Media Resources

On this page you will find guidelines and downloads for our company logos and graphics.


  • Logos and other materials can be used freely as-is with no modifications.
  • The logo should only be reproduced from master digital artwork supplied specifically for this purpose by TI Tokyo’s Marketing Department.
  • Do not skew, distort or stretch the logo. Proportional scaling is fine.
  • The TI Tokyo logo must never be altered without prior written permission of TI Tokyo.
  • Do not add dimension or gradient effects to the logo.
  • Do not change or invert the colours.
  • Place against a solid background, preferably white (#FFFFFF).
  • Do not use in combination with other images without the prior written approval of TI Tokyo.
  • For permission or further clarification of usage, please contact us.

Company Colours

  • Grey: #666666 (e.g.   )
  • Red: #ca0000 (e.g.   )
  • White: #ffffff (e.g.   )
  • Black: #000000 (e.g.   )

Legal Notice

TI Tokyo reserves the right to request the TI Tokyo logo and other materials be modified or removed from any 3rd party media when used in a way deemed inappropriate by TI Tokyo. Said 3rd party shall bear all costs for modification or removal; or shall pay appropriate compensation when removal or modification is not possible.

By using the TI Tokyo logo and/or other related materials, you are accepting all the above usage restrictions.