Training classroom


Training is our reason d’etre. We love to learn ourselves but we also love to share our knowledge and see it go on to benefit others.

No matter whether you choose one of our custom courses or one geared towards a professional qualification, rest assured that you will be safe in the hands of an instructor who has appropriate industry knowledge, teaching experience and already possesses the qualification you are applying for.

Be it on site, at our facilities, a convenient cafe or, as a last resort, video conference, we can train you or your staff in processes, project management, software and hardware usage or even help them achieve new qualifications. As training is important to us, we offer flexible schedules that should allow you to learn what you want with minimum interruption to your work routine. Our mostly flat company structure means that your appointed trainer will be the most suitable for the job in question and can be anyone from our newest recruit through to one of the company directors.

Feel free to look through what we have to offer but come back regularly as we are adding new courses all the time.

Custom Courses

We can create a course specific to your needs, whether as a one-off project or to train all your staff.

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These courses provide a basic understanding of a topic is about, and how to can be used by you and your company. The topics range from what’s new in Windows 10 to how the internet works. They are great for getting the basic knowledge to be able to ask meaningful questions.

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Project Management

Project Management is a well defined skillset that makes sure that projects run smoothly. For any size business, these skills are essential to management and growth.

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