Software Development

Software Development

Ever wished you had a piece of software or an application that did “this” or wondered why something you already use does everything except “that”? Welcome to the world of software development! Here we take ideas like yours and turn them into market ready products that can be employed by your company to help solve their problems, sold to the public or just kept for private usage.

With some of our staff having learned to program not long after learning to read, our experience and ability is hard to match in the field without a much larger team. By keeping this lean type of organisation, there is much less room for breakdowns in communication or delays while waiting for certain parts to be finished.

We code in high and low level languages as needed, picking up new languages as we go. Be it web, mobile, desktop, server-side or even automation, there is no limit to what we will turn our hands to.

Desktop Applications

We can write software to run on your Windows, Mac or Linux computers.

This can range from a complex, multi-screen application to a command-line utility to make your life simpler.

Whether it needs to deal with the cloud, databases, local files, business-essential peripherals or just your printer – we can make it happen.

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Mobile Apps

We write apps for all three major platforms – iOS, Android and Windows 10 – running on phones, tablets or even desktops.

Ranging from games to simple business apps, we can help.

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Customer Relationship Management systems are becoming essential to any business.

We can select, customise or build a system that is perfect for yoru business to manage your clients and your sales processes.

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Do you make product you want to sell, or own a shop and want an online presence?

We can create an e-commerce website or add support for a shopping cart to your website. Concentrate on your products, not on the mechanics.

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We build websites ranging from niche markets to large company portals.

We can design, build, test and deploy any website on any platform for any purpose.

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