Project Management

Project Management

Our Project Management courses are all taught by qualified instructors in the specific discipline. Our courses can be taught as stand alone courses to help you gain the desired qualification or we can teach with a specific project in mind and spend more time on the main areas you will actually be using the qualification for.

If desired, we can also team up with our consulting arm to offer a coaching/mentor role for new project managers to come to for help and advice whilst in the field.

In reality, a seasoned project manager and a certified project manager have few differences, the main one being age. If you could choose between years of learning the hard way and a week in a classroom, which would you choose? Get certified to consolidate your knowledge, learn new techniques and make sure your resume sits on the top of the pile when it comes to promotions and job hunting.

Courses Offered

Don’t see what you want? Why not ask us? If we like your idea, we’ll turn it into a course! Contact us and learn.