From soft clients on your mobile phone to fully blown PBX installs, we can help you get the communications you need where you want them. We have experience working with call centres and have arranged multiple contract types with the predominant Japanese carriers.

Common Issues

  • Faxes – it may be the 21st century but faxes are still common, if not essential for business in Japan. One of the classic cases is after a full migration to fibre optics when all the old lines have been cancelled, somebody says “Oh fax!”
  • Legacy Phone Systems – the M&A went surprisingly smoothly but then you discover the only way to call internally between the two companies is via external numbers. We can help you bridge that gap.
  • The Random Hang-Up – When installed, your phone system worked fine but now you have more people, a few calls a day get randomly hung up while people are still talking. We can review your set up and help track down the cause.
  • Changing Carrier – the other carrier might have a better deal, more applicable services or are simply morally superior; whatever the reason, you switched carrier but then what to do with the numbers you can’t bring with you?

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