At TI Tokyo, we defy the rule of “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.”

Using our wealth of experience from IT, Project Management and the industries we have already applied our skills to, we have the ability to create unique, reliable solutions for our clients.

Our solutions can be anything from offering a one-time 3rd-party opinion to outsourcing the day-to-day running of specific operations for a client to providing support for specific products like our 24-hour Riak support service. We complement our client-facing consulting with in-house services like our Software Development Team, our Hardware Management Team, our IT Security Team, our Project Management Team and our VoIP Team. We also offer a cross-disciplinary Troubleshooting Team to solve more unusual issues.

We offer low cost, high quality services with minimal disruption to your business.

Riak support

TI Tokyo has stepped into the support role for clients worldwide since the creators of Riak, Basho, stopped support on 31st May 2017. We have hired many engineers from our old partner, Basho, who are strategically positioned in multiple time zones over three different continents to provide 24-hour global coverage all year round.

We are now offering commercial support solutions to former Basho clients who found themselves suddenly without support, and anyone else who needs help with Riak from the best trained Riak engineers in the world.

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 1 hour SLA available
  • Ex-Basho engineers
  • Riak KV, S2, TS and more
  • Billing in USD, EUR, GBP or JPY

Visit our Riak support page for more information.

IT Outsourcing

Need some help, but not all the time? Our IT outsourcing team can provide as much or as little help as you need.

  • Need regular help, but not a full-time employee? Our Helpdesk Team can provide on-site or remote help via phone, email or online chat.
  • Do you need someone to check your IT security? Have you experienced problems with security breaches in the past? Our IT Security Team can check out your hardware, software and networks to keep infiltrators out, and your network secure.
  • Want to know if there are problems with your servers? Our Monitoring Team can keep an eye on your servers 24/7 and warn you of upcoming problems and alert you to on-going issues.


Our in-house Software Development Team is very flexible and skilled in multiple languages and platforms. We can design, build, test and deploy:


Our in-house Hardware Management Team is very experienced and skilled across multiple platforms and technologies.

  • Looking to upgrade existing servers, computers, networks, file storage or software? We can help with our Installations & Migrations Team. Their services range from physically moving the hardware to a complete configuration and data migration service. We cover everything from home networks to multi-site offices and their datacentres.
  • Need more storage space or power? Our Purchasing Team can find your the hardware and software you need quickly and cheaply.
  • Just want someone on-call for when things break? Our Maintenance Team can find the problem with your hardware and fix it fast.

Project Management

Have your projects had unsatisfactory outcomes before?

Our Project Management Team will ensure that projects run smoothly, on budget and on schedule.

With regular reporting you will always know what is going on, and with managed escalation of issues you will always be in control.


Are you paying too much for your calls? Need a new office phone system? Want to seemlessly transfer a call from your deskphone to your mobile and back again? Need to make calls as if from your desk whilst on the road?

Our Voice & VoIP Team can provide exchanges, phones and software to make your life easier and to handle any situation.


Do you have issues that you can’t track down? Printers that only work in the morning, or computers that are slower at certain times of day?

Our Troubleshooting Team is a cross-disciplinary task-force to solve even the most challenging of problems.