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K.K. TI Tokyo



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  • 2010Initial idea
  • 2011Research
  • 2013Planning
  • 2014Company founded
  • 2015Open for business
  • 2017UK office opened
  • 2017USA office opened
  • 201724/7/365 Support

About Us

The Beginning

TI Tokyo was first conceived in London in the Summer of 2010. After four years of research, planning, preparation and study, our founding directors formed TI Tokyo in February 2014 in Minato-ku, Tokyo. Once the company was created, the next few months involved visa applications, searching for staff and further research of our business plans.

The company finally opened for business in March 2015.

The Idea

The initial concept of the then named “Training Institute of Tokyo” was to provide training and certification to English-speaking employees of multi-national companies with offices in Tokyo. The training and certifications would cover many common professional certifications in areas such as project management, IT infrastructure management, networking, VoIP, hardware and software.

This concept was then expanded to offer training courses for individuals and SME companies, and consulting services in our areas of expertise. As some certifications required hands-on experience with specific hardware and software, we also decided to offer purchasing assistance for these items.

With this increase of scope, our name became shortened to the current “TI Tokyo”.

Where We Are Now

Starting with only one customer who desired a fully customised course on how to build a web server and then code a database driven website to run on it, TI Tokyo has now grown to offer consulting services to multiple international clients across several industries.

Our staff are constantly upgrading their knowledge by acquiring qualifications and certifications to increase the range of services and courses we can offer.

Further Information

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