A website is your brand’s face on the internet. What it looks like, how quickly it loads, how easy it is to navigate are all key features in getting more and more people interested. Websites are not just limited to the internet but are commonly used internally by corporations to share key information.

The term website has gone from covering one or two pages in basic HTML viewable from a computer to now covering online videos, games, functions and user interfaces for desktop, tablet and mobile devices not to mention the ability to produce behind the scenes feeds that will allow simple background data transfer to rich applications running on the user device or even just powering parts of another website.

Our Common Offerings

Grouping these is tricky as there is a lot of cross over but as a rough guide:-

  • Container websites – ones whose primary purpose is to contain other media such as pictures, videos, music and games.
  • Blogs and forums – websites designed for sharing and exchanging information primarily as typed messages with the occasional attachment or image.
  • Promotional/informational websites – closer to the original website concept, these websites display or show your brand, product, information or hobby in a positive light except when requested otherwise.
  • Functional websites – sites that do stuff such as take some text and translate it, maybe take an image and retouch it or even find yourself a job or reserve your next holiday.
  • Remote Interface websites – although less common, sites that talk to other things for you for example log in and restart a virtual machine or even turn on your kettle at home with the right hardware.
  • Feeder websites – these uncommon sites produce feeds of data exclusively that is commonly fed into a different website or a piece of software that can process and display it in a human friendly form.
  • Mobile websites – although the term is generic for all of the above, many people or companies will have a great website but their mobile one is terrible or non-existant. We fix that issue.

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