Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

TI Tokyo appreciates that some of the best qualifications come with price tags to match and these prices are often out of reach of some places that need them the most such as charities, schools and NPOs.

Many large companies are too busy to focus on CSR as much as they would like to or fail to be more creative than picking up litter in the local area.

TI Tokyo offers a solution to both problems with two programmes.

Our Learn to Help programme allows corporations or even individuals to donate funds or sponsor a specific charity to either join a class you are paying for or undergo separate training.

Alternatively, our Solve a Problem programme allows corporations or individuals to donate funds to solve a problem that a specific charity has.

For Companies Or Individuals

If you’re looking to help, consider sponsoring a course under our Learn to Help programme for your children’s school, a charity close to your heart or a NPO that you feel does good work.

Alternatively, you might want to donate consulting services under out Solve a Problem programme: build them a new website, update their infrastructure, or solve a tricky problem.

All work paid for through these programmes gets the same discounted rate as the charities themselves.

For Charities, Schools And NPOs

If you have a course you’re interested in, contact us for a discount. We always have courses under development, so if you don’t see the course you need then please contact us anyway.

We can also help in other ways, so if you need help please contact us.


For those interested in applying to the programme, please contact us for more details.