Riak KV 2.2.6 Release Notes

Released April 25, 2018.

This release is dedicated to the memory of Andy Gross. Thank you and RIP.


This is the first full community release of Riak, post-Basho’s collapse into bankruptcy. A lot has happened, in particular bet365 bought Basho’s assets and donated the code to the community. They kept the Basho website running, the mailing list, the documents site (after TI Tokyo had helpfully mirrored the docs in the interim) and have done a huge amount to provide continuity to the community.

The development work on this release of Riak has received significant funding from NHS Digital, who depend on Riak for Spine II, and other critical services. Thanks also to ESL, TI Tokyo, and all the other individuals and organisations involved.

This release of Riak is based on the last known-good release of Riak, riak-2.2.3. There is good work in the develop branches of many Basho repos, but since much of it was unfinished, unreleased, untested, or just status-unknown, we decided as a community to go forward based on riak-2.2.3.

This is the first release with open source multi-data-centre replication. The rest of the changes are fixes (riak-core claim, repl), new features (gsets, participate in coverage, node-confirms), and fixes to tests and the build/development process.


Known Issues - please read before upgrading from a previous Riak release

Log of Changes

Previous Release Notes


Multi Datacentre Replication

Previously a paid for enterprise addition to Riak as part of the Riak EE product, this release includes Multi-Datacentre Replication (MDC). There is no longer a Riak EE product. All is now Open Source. Please consult the existing documentation for MDC. Again, many thanks to bet365 Technology for this addition. See also Known Issues below.

Core Claim Fixes

Prior to this release, in some scenarios, multiple partitions from the same preflist could be stored on the same node, potentially leading to data loss. This write up explains the fixes in detail, and links to another post that gives a deep examination of riak-core-ring and the issues fixed in this release.

Node Confirms

This feature adds a new bucket property, and write-option of node_confirms. Unlike w and pw that are tunables for consistency, node_confirms is a tunable for durability. When operating in a failure state, Riak will store replicas in fallback vnodes, and in some case multiple fallbacks may be on the same physical node. node_confirms is an option that specifies how many distinct physical nodes must acknowledge a write for it to be considered successful. There is a detailed write up here, and more in the documentation.

Participate In 2i

This feature was added to bring greater consistency to 2i query results. When a node has just been joined to a riak cluster it may not have any, or at least up-to-date, data. However the joined node is immediately in the ring and able to take part in coverage queries, which can lead to incomplete results. This change adds an operator flag to a node’s configuration that will exclude it from coverage plans. When all transfers are complete, the operator can remove the flag. See documentation for more details.


This release adds another Riak Data Type, the GSet CRDT. The GSet is a grow only set, and has simpler semantics and better merge performance than the existing Riak Set. See documentation for details.

Developer Improvements

The tests didn’t pass. Now they do. More details here

Known Issues

Advanced.config changes

With the inclusion of Multi-Datacentre Replication in riak-2.2.6 there are additional advanced.config parameters. If you have an existing advanced.config you must merge it with the new one from the install of riak-2.2.6. Some package installs will simply replace the old with new (e.g. .deb), others may leave the old file unchanged. YOU MUST make sure that the advanced.config contains valid riak_repl entries.

Example default entries to add to your existing advanced.config:

   {cluster_mgr, {"", 9080 } }
   {data_root, "/var/lib/riak/riak_repl/"},
   {max_fssource_cluster, 5},
   {max_fssource_node, 1},
   {max_fssink_node, 1},
   {fullsync_on_connect, true},
   {fullsync_interval, 30},
   {rtq_max_bytes, 104857600},
   {proxy_get, disabled},
   {rt_heartbeat_interval, 15},
   {rt_heartbeat_timeout, 15},
   {fullsync_use_background_manager, true}

Read more about configuring MDC replication.

More details about the issue can be found in riak_repl/782: 2.2.6 - [enoent] - riak_repl couldn’t create log dir “data/riak_repl/logs”

Change Log for This Release

Previous Release Notes

Please see the KV 2.2.3 release notes here, and the KV 2.2.2 release notes here.