PBC Reset Bucket Properties

Request to reset the properties of a given bucket or bucket type.


message RpbResetBucketReq {
    required bytes bucket = 1;
    optional bytes type = 2;

You must specify the name of the bucket (bucket) and optionally a bucket type using the type value. If you do not specify a bucket type, the default bucket type will be used by Riak.


Only the message code is returned.


Request to reset the properties for the bucket friends:


Hex      00 00 00 0A 1D 0A 07 66 72 69 65 6E 64 73
Erlang <<0,0,0,10,29,10,7,102,114,105,101,110,100,115>>

RpbResetBucketReq protoc decode:
bucket: "friends"


Hex      00 00 00 01 1E
Erlang <<0,0,0,1,30>>

RpbResetBucketResp - only message code defined