Riak KV From Source

Riak should be installed from source if you are building on a platform for which a package does not exist or if you are interested in contributing to Riak.



To install Riak, you will need to have Erlang installed. We strongly recommend using Basho’s patched version of Erlang to install Riak 2.0. All of the patches in this version have been incorporated into later versions of the official Erlang/OTP release.

See Installing Erlang for instructions.


Riak depends on source code located in multiple Git repositories. Install Git on the target system before attempting the build.


Riak will not compile with Clang. Please make sure your default C/C++ compiler is GCC.


The following instructions generate a complete, self-contained build of Riak in $RIAK/rel/riak where $RIAK is the location of the unpacked or cloned source.

Installing from source package

Download the Riak source package from the Download Center and build:

curl -O
tar zxvf riak-2.1.3.tar.gz
cd riak-2.1.3
make locked-deps
make rel

Installing from GitHub

The Riak Github respository has much more information on building and installing Riak from source. To clone and build Riak from source, follow the steps below.

Clone the repository using Git and build:

git clone git://
cd riak
make locked-deps
make rel

Platform-Specific Instructions

For instructions about specific platforms, see:

If you are running Riak on a platform not in the list above and need some help getting it up and running, join The Riak Mailing List and inquire about it there. We are happy to help you get up and running with Riak.


Riak is not currently supported on Microsoft Windows.

Next Steps

Now that Riak is installed, check out Verifying a Riak Installation.