PBC Get Client ID

Deprecation notice

The use of client IDs in conflict resolution is now deprecated in Riak. If you are building or maintaining a Riak client that is intended to be compatible with Riak 1.4 or later, you can safely ignore client IDs.

Get the client id used for this connection. Client ids are used for conflict resolution and each unique actor in the system should be assigned one. A client id is assigned randomly when the socket is connected and can be changed using Set Client ID.


Just the RpbGetClientIdReq message code. No request message defined.


// Get ClientId Request - no message defined, just send RpbGetClientIdReq
message code
message RpbGetClientIdResp {
    required bytes client_id = 1; // Client id in use for this connection



Hex     00 00 00 01 03
Erlang  <<0,0,0,1,3>>


Hex     00 00 00 07 04 0A 04 01 65 01 B5
Erlang <<0,0,0,7,4,10,4,1,101,1,181>>

RpbGetClientIdResp protoc decode:
client_id: "001e001265"