Getting Started with C Sharp

If you haven’t set up a Riak Node and started it, please visit Running A Cluster first.

To try this flavor of Riak, a working installation of the .NET Framework or Mono is required.

Client Setup

Install the Riak .NET Client through NuGet or the Visual Studio NuGet package manager.

Configuring for a remote cluster

By default, the Riak .NET Client will add a section to your app.config file for a four node local cluster. If you are using a remote cluster, open up app.config and change the hostAddress values to point to nodes in your remote cluster.

Connecting to Riak

Connecting to Riak with the Riak .NET Client requires creating a cluster object and then creating a new client object.

using System;
using RiakClient;

namespace TasteOfRiak
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
          // don't worry, we'll use this string later
          const string contributors = "contributors";
            IRiakEndpoint cluster = RiakCluster.FromConfig("riakConfig");
            IRiakClient client = cluster.CreateClient();

This creates a new RiakCluster which is used to create a new RiakClient. A RiakCluster object handles all the details of tracking active nodes and also provides load balancing. The RiakClient is used to send commands to Riak. Note: the IRiakEndpoint object implements IDisposable and should be correctly disposed when you’re done communicating with Riak.

Let’s make sure the cluster is online. Add this to your Main method:

var pingResult = client.Ping();

if (pingResult.IsSuccess)
    Console.WriteLine("Are you sure Riak is running?");
    Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1}", pingResult.ResultCode, pingResult.ErrorMessage);

This is some simple code to test that a node in a Riak cluster is online - we send a simple ping message. Even if the cluster isn’t present, the Riak .NET Client will return a response message. It’s important to check that your activity was successful by using the IsSuccess property and then checking any errors and result codes.

We are now ready to start interacting with Riak.

Next Steps

CRUD Operations