PBC Store Object

Stores an object under the specified location, as determined by the intended key, bucket, and bucket type. A bucket must always be specified (via bucket), whereas key (key) and bucket type (type) are optional. If no key is specified, Riak will assign a random key to the object. If no bucket type is assigned, Riak will assign default, which means that the default bucket configuration will be used.


message RpbPutReq {
    required bytes bucket = 1;
    optional bytes key = 2;
    optional bytes vclock = 3;
    required RpbContent content = 4;
    optional uint32 w = 5;
    optional uint32 dw = 6;
    optional bool return_body = 7;
    optional uint32 pw = 8;
    optional bool if_not_modified = 9;
    optional bool if_none_match = 10;
    optional bool return_head = 11;
    optional uint32 timeout = 12;
    optional bool asis = 13;
    optional bool sloppy_quorum = 14;
    optional uint32 n_val = 15;
    optional bytes type = 16;

Required Parameters

Parameter Description
bucket The name of the bucket, in bytes, in which the key/value is to reside
content The new or updated contented of the object. Uses the same RpbContent message returned as part of an RpbGetResp message, documented in PBC Fetch Object

Optional Parameters

Note on defaults and special values

All of the optional parameters below have default values determined on a per-bucket basis. Please refer to the documentation on setting bucket properties for more information.

Furthermore, you can assign an integer value to the w, dw, pr, and pw, provided that that integer value is less than or equal to N, or a special value denoting one (4294967295-1), quorum (4294967295-2), all (4294967295-3), or default (4294967295-4).

Parameter Description
key The key to create/update. If not specified, Riak will generate a random key and return that key as part of the response to that request.
vclock Opaque vector clock provided by an earlier RpbGetResp message. Omit if this is a new key or if you deliberately want to create a sibling.
w Write quorum, i.e. how many replicas to write to before returning a successful response
dw Durable write quorum, i.e. how many replicas to commit to durable storage before returning a successful response
return_body Whether to return the contents of the now-stored object. Defaults to false.
pw Primary write quorum, i.e. how many primary nodes must be up when the write is attempted
return_head Return the metadata for the now-stored object without returning the value of the object
timeout The timeout duration, in milliseconds, after which Riak will return an error message
sloppy_quorum If this parameter is set to true, the next available node in the ring will accept requests if any primary node is unavailable
n_val The number of nodes on which the value is to be stored

The if_not_modified, if_none_match, and asis parameters are set only for messages sent between nodes in a Riak cluster and should not be set by Riak clients.


message RpbPutResp {
    repeated RpbContent contents = 1;
    optional bytes vclock = 2;
    optional bytes key = 3;

If return_body is set to true on the PUT request, the RpbPutResp will contain the current object after the PUT completes, in contents, as well as the object’s causal context, in the vclock field. The key will be sent only if the server generated a random key for the object.

If return_body is not set and no key is generated, the PUT response will be empty.



Hex      00 00 00 1C 0B 0A 01 62 12 01 6B 22 0F 0A 0D 7B
         22 66 6F 6F 22 3A 22 62 61 72 22 7D 28 02 38 01
Erlang <<0,0,0,28,11,10,1,98,18,1,107,34,15,10,13,123,34,102,111,111,34,58,34,

RpbPutReq protoc decode:
bucket: "b"
key: "k"
content {
  value: "{"foo":"bar"}"
w: 2
return_body: true


Hex      00 00 00 62 0C 0A 31 0A 0D 7B 22 66 6F 6F 22 3A
         22 62 61 72 22 7D 2A 16 31 63 61 79 6B 4F 44 39
         36 69 4E 41 68 6F 6D 79 65 56 6A 4F 59 43 38 AF
         B0 A3 DE 04 40 90 E7 18 12 2C 6B CE 61 60 60 60
         CA 60 CA 05 52 2C 2C E9 0C 86 19 4C 89 8C 79 AC
         0C 5A 21 B6 47 F9 20 C2 6C CD 49 AC 0D 77 7C A0
         12 FA 20 89 2C 00
Erlang <<0,0,0,98,12,10,49,10,13,123,34,102,111,111,34,58,34,98,97,114,34,125,

RpbPutResp protoc decode:
contents {
  value: "{"foo":"bar"}"
  vtag: "1caykOD96iNAhomyeVjOYC"
  last_mod: 1271453743
  last_mod_usecs: 406416
vclock: "k316a```312`312005R,,351014206031L211214y254014Z!266G371
302l315I254rw|240022372 211,000"