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Lead Web-Dev engineer: nodejs/Svelte

Job code: JOB-2021-06-18-01

We are looking for a talented Lead Web-Dev engineer with strong work experience in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and REST APIs. Start-up project based in Tokyo but remote-work is expected. To apply, read the following job spec, make sure you meet the requirements and fill in the form at the end. For more information about us as a company, have a read through the website at

Location & visa requirements

  • Based in Japan with existing visa allowing fulltime employment in IT sector.
  • Meetings are in Minato-ku, Tokyo (Akasaka, Toranomon or Odaiba).
  • Work from home unless otherwise required.
  • Gender, age, religion all irrelevant.

Job Details

  • Our ideal Lead Web-Dev engineer:
    • Is a self-starter that thrives on interesting challenges
    • Puts the best solution first, not the shiniest technology
    • Embraces Agile development methodologies
    • Is a data-driven decision maker
    • Knows how to communicate effectively with non-technical employees
    • Is a considerate team player
  • The first goal is to produce a static version of the project website for presentation purposes by the end of August. The second stage is to make a MVP of the key parts of the application for demo purposes to potential investors. The third stage will be to add the extra features.
  • Trial period of 6 months will be as a contractor; once the trial is completed successfully and the project is successful then conversion to full employee status will happen. Once an employee, all usual benefits apply including visa sponsorship.

Tech skills

  • Frontend Experience
    • Ability to take a design from Photoshop/PDF and turn it into a website.
    • Experience building complex, scalable web apps and APIs.
    • Strong HTML 5 experience.
    • Strong CSS 3 experience.
    • Strong client-side JavaScript experience.
    • Experience using REST APIs from JavaScript.
    • Experience with SPA.
  • Backend Experience
    • Strong Node.js experience
  • Desired
    • TypeScript experience.
    • Svelte experience.

Language skills

  • English at a conversational level (TOEIC 475-730) or higher.
  • Japanese – none required, but Business level a considerable plus.


  • From ¥4m to ¥7m per year, depending on experience.
  • Bonuses depending on company performance.*

* applies only to candidates who successfully reach full employee status.


  • Social insurance (pension, healthcare).*
  • Visa renewal sponsorship.*
  • Stock options.*
  • Transportation expenses, if needed.

* applies only to candidates who successfully reach full employee status.


  • Very flexible. Objectives are set, and we don’t care exactly when the work gets done so long as deadlines are met.
  • Part time or full time.
  • National holidays + 20 days paid holiday (which you are encouraged to actually take!).*
  • Maternity/paternity leave*
  • Overtime is not expected regularly. When required, it will be paid at the fixed national rates.

* applies only to candidates who successfully reach full employee status.

Interview process

  • First interview:
    • Personal interview (30 mins)
    • Theory questions for test of knowledge (30 mins)
    • Practical exam for test of application of knowledge (max 1 hour)
    • Q & A session to answer anything you need to know
  • Occasionally a second interview is given when deciding between very similar applicants.


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